Got Questions? We’ve got answers…

What is a Zombie Walk?

A zombie walk is an organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes. Participants usually meet in an urban center and make their way around the city streets and public spaces in an orderly fashion in search of fresh brains.

Do you have to dress up to participate?

No, you can be a part of the watchers or volunteer to help and avoid all the nasty blood and guts. To be a part of the actual walk and to be counted as a participant for a world record you don’t have to be undead…you just have to look like you are.

But I don’t know how to do makeup?

SF Zombie Walk can help you become undead. There are 3 different levels of makeup to choose from at 3 different price levels. CLICK HERE for more info about that. All money goes to support the local starving (for brains) artists and to keep SF Zombie Walk alive. But if you want to show off your skills youtube has some great tutorials.

Where can I walk amongst the dead?

Northwood Village is the home to the 2022 2nd Annual South Florida Zombie Walk. This cute little artist village is tucked away just outside of Downtown WPB. You can find it at Northwood Rd to 25th Street east of Broadway.


FREE roadside parking is available and plentiful throughout Northwood Village. There are some lots available as well, but if you are coming from Downtown or Rosemary Square you can take the Blue Line trolley in and out for a stress free good time.